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Kat's 2011 Application Guide

Kats Heaters

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Kats Heaters Automotive engine, liquid and interior heaters

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Kat's Engine Heater

MAGNUM Magnetic Heater! #1160

Regular List price: $118.98


Kat's Magnum Magnetic heater #1160 300 Watts

  • Magnetic block heater, 110 AC, 60 Hrz, 300 watts.

  • Surface area is 4 x 5 inches - Approximately 20 sq. inches.

  • Delivers 300 to 400 degree surface temperature at 2.5 AMP maximum draw.

  • KATS "HANDI-HEAT" model with a 44 inch cable.

  • Includes instructions and display box.

Kat's #1160 Magnum Magnetic Heater 300 Watts

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Applications include:

  • Oil pan, intake manifold, battery holder or engine block.

  • Snowblowers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, or other small engines.

  • It may also be used for warming hydraulic systems or thawing frozen locks, pipes, gutters, livestock feeders, etc.

Kat's Handi-Heater Magnetic Heater #1153

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Kat's Magnetic Heaters Installation Application Instructions

  • Object to be heated must be a magnet attracting surface.

  • Surfaces to be heated must be clean and free of dirt, grease, or oil.

  • Heater must be placed on surface to be heated before plugging in.

For engine heating:  Best results can be achieved by sticking the heater on the lowest flat surface of the bottom or side of the oil pan.  Heater must be removed before operating vehicle unless it is permanently mounted to the oil pan.

Never touch heating surface, case temperature may exceed 150 degrees F. and the heating surface will range from 300 to 400 degrees F.

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